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The men behind this fascinating creativity of the technological world “Pearson Vue” are Steve Nordberg, Clarke Porter, KirkLundeen.In the year of 1994, Pearson Vue took its place in the testing industry of electronics and made itself as the best training service in the world. It works best for all the learners in the era of IT industry. With an authorized certification, Virtual University Enterprises or VUE started this concept. The local support came from the offices from the different places such as Sydney, Australia, Netherlands, Woerde n.In the year of 1996, The Virtual University Enterprises promised to set up 34 and enlarge it to  22 Professional Centers of Pearson. Thus, the testing capacity will increase by 25%.

Virtual University Enterprises also started their first appearance on the web of the world in that same year. The NCS was allowed to have their first VUE entrance in the testing of electronics on1997. With the help of a sanctioned network of the test center, the  NCS-VUE pioneers started to introduce their computer-based tests to the world of technology. The test works were the helping hands for all the IT customers.NCS-VUE was acquired by the Pearson plc. in the year of 2000. The newly built Company named as “NCS Pearson” entered the exalted household of businesses.

Pearson Vue

These were handling the Financial Times, Pearson Education, and the Penguin Publishing. In the same year, they also extended their branches in the Tokyo, Japan. Owners of credential (almost over 450) from all over the country pick the Pearson VUE (Virtual University Enterprises) for growing their testing skills, testing programs and develop the management. Pearson VUE is the easiest and secured center for all kind of course test. Pearson VUE is grabbing the number one place for the online-based test with their “protected exams”.

The Pearson VUE (Virtual University Enterprises) serves out for all the “test owners” and “test takers” from all kind of industries. Pearson Vue actually works as the testing center for kind of examinations. It is the sub-branch of the PEARSON, where over 35,000 employees are assigned for making it the “Largest Company for a learning session”. Places such as India, United States, Japan,  Australia, Dubai, United Kingdom, Pearson VUE is having their headquarters. Every year thousands of people from worldwide register themselves for the Pearson VUE exams.

Pearson Vue Sign Up

Here are the initial steps for creating all new account for this testing course. Simply follow the steps and register your testing account.

Step 1: -Take your device whichever you would like to use for your Pearson test. Open the internet browser and go to the official page of Pearson test center.

N.B – If you want to go to the direct page then click to this link “http://www.pearsonvue.com/oracle/”

Step 2: – At the right side of the page, you will find two options for sign in and create the account.

Step 3: -If you want to register yourself for the first time then go for “Create Account”.

Step 4: – Sign up for creating a web account.

Step 5: – Click “Agree” to accept all the policies and proceed next.

Step 6: -Now enter your Personal Information.

Note- For sign up in Pearson, the users have to give their proper name as exactly they have in their legal documents. If the identification does not match the user’s given information, this will lead to the disqualification of the user and they will not receive their submitted fees.

Step 7: – proceed with next with giving your email Id, this will give you the Oracle number or Oracle ID for your Pearson tests.

 Pearson Vue Login

Now you are all set for the buying the testing session as you already created your corresponding Pearson VUE (Virtual University Enterprises) account. There are the easiest steps for logging in the Pearson account.

Step 1: – Again start with the Oracle page of Pearson.

Step 2: – Click for the ” sign in” option.

Step 3: – Put your Username, and password for Pearson account and click “Sign In”.

Step 4: – At the top right side of the page you will find your Oracle Id below your account name.

Step 5: – Now click on the “Protected Test”.

Step 6: – Now the time for selecting the exam type. at the blue section, go for the certification exam.

Step 7: – There are huge numbers of exam categories. Select your exam type whatever you want to go for.

Step 8: – After selecting the exam type, The new page will open with corresponding exam fee.

Step 9: – Now, Go for the blue button of “schedule this Exam”.

Step 10: – Confirm the exam and proceed with scheduling.

Step 11: – it will show a bundle of test centers. Select any kind of test centers near you and go to “Next”.

Step 12: – Select your suitable date for the test with the corresponding time slot.

Step 13: – Confirm all the details of the test and proceed.

Step 14: – now read all the policies of the Oracle certification exam and click agree to go next.

Step 15: – provide the Voucher code if you have the voucher for your selected exam. Now give your debit card information for online payment and give the billing address.

Step 16: – Check out all the order Id and go “Next”.

Step 17: – You will find the e-receipt at the end of this session.

Now go to your email Id which you have given at the time of login. Here you will have the receipt which has been sent by the Pearson testing team.


Hope it is very clear for all the readers to register their accounts for the world-class testing center. If there are still foggy concept lefts, then please let us know in the comment section. We will reach you as soon as possible with your issues. Thank You!


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